The leaves are turning all colours of gold, and it is now the last few days to collect apples and blackberries.
Over the winter we will be building a 3,000 sq ft / 350 sq m Palace Yurt, ready to go up at Hilles in April 2018. The Palace Yurt is made of carved ash struts and poly canvas, with a wooden scaffold board floor – proudly distinguishing it from any temporary marquee structure and based on the traditional dwelling of pastoral nomads in Kyrgyzstan, a landlocked country in central Asia.
The PY perched 600 feet on the Cotswold escarpment will have views overlooks Wales and 5 counties from the Severn Bridges in the West to the Shropshire hills is the North.
The PY will have attached to 2 separate 16m diameter yurts one which will be for a catering tent and the other a private green room (for the family, band, to chill out in).
The PY will be the first and only of its kind in scale, ambition, and aesthetic.
The PY will work well beautifully for smaller events for 40 people as well as bigger events for up to 190.
After 6 years in the wedding / entertainment industry I am hugely excited about being able to use the PY to host weddings, lectures, exhibitions, yoga events, and anything legal !
X Detmar