Last November we hosted for 2 weeks a BBC production “Ill Behaviour” by Sam Bain (Peep Show) and directed by Steve Bendelack (Spitting Image, Mr Bean’s Holiday) and starring Chris Geere, Tom Riley, Jessica Reagan, and Lizzy Caplin. The 3 part series is being streamed for 2 months from 22 July on BBC IPlayer. It is a dark comedy drama involving divorce, kidnapping, and
a debate on the pros and cons of chemotherapy and holistic treatments for cancer. I found it hilarious. I enjoyed the story line, and watched with excitement seeing my home on celluloid. My beautiful fiancée was more uncertain of the male and female “laddishness” in the 3 hour series. The experience of the filming was very positive. The 70 strong crew were charming, polite, and got about their jobs with great professionalism. I was overawed by the number of crew actually filming each scene. Dee the location producer who I dealt with was super helpful, sensitive, generous and funny. Every prop from the house was lovingly looked after and put back in place. During the filming I realised it was not possible to live in the house and decamped elsewhere. When I was a boy in the 1960s the BBC filmed locally a series on Laurie Lee’s literary masterpiece “Cider with Rosie” in which my brother and I starred in a school scene in Slad. I remember having our long 60s hippy hair, cut savagely; being terrified in the scene with the school teacher; and that we were each paid paid £5, which I guess our father gratefully put in his pocket. On my honeymoon in 1989 my late wife and I went to Morocco. After spending some time at Christopher Gibbs, house outside Marrakesh, with Christopher’s factotum Moulay Kebir we set off with Moulay’s son to Ouarzazate where Issie’s friend John Malkovitch was starring in Bertolucci ‘s film “The Sheltering Sky”. The film according to Wikipedia deals with alienation and existential despair.
We met up with John, who told us that he wished we had come for a recent scene in a tent where a large breasted beauty had put her breasts into his trouser flies. I love films.