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Detmar Blow

Owner, Hilles House

Hilles is my beautiful family home. It is a romantic and special place enhanced by the unique Palace Yurt built by Will Templeman which compliments the arts and crafts style of the house.

I am delighted to share Hilles, the Palace Yurt and the gardens for weddings and special events. I answer all initial enquiries and show potential clients around personally, before passing them on to my wonderful wedding team.

Lucie Tay

Hilles House Wedding Team

Lucie is your direct contact with us for everything regarding your wedding. She will help you develop a programme for the day and will liaise between you / your organisers and the caterers, florists, registrar or anyone else as necessary.

She will also be present on the day to help set up and generally ensure that everything goes smoothly

Emma Taylor Roach

HIlles House Wedding Team

Emma is an interior designer who came to re-design the Hilles House kitchen and ended up joining the team permanently. She takes care of various practicalities behind the scenes, from the Hilles House website and social media to finding new and exciting trusted suppliers.

She also oversees safety, logistics, infrastructure and helps out with some of the more unusual requests.

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