The Palace Yurt

To provide a unique venue for your wedding reception, Hilles House is home to the stunning Palace Yurt, hand-built by distinguished local craftsman Will Templeman.

open from May to September and seating up to 250 guests, the Palace Yurt is oval, with an internal area of approx 3,780.00 square foot / 90’ x 42’.

The Palace Yurt
Hilles House Palace Yurt exterior
Set close to the house on the generous north lawn at Hilles, the semi-permanent structure boasts a breath-taking vaulted ceiling, 19’ at the highest point. It is naturally embellished by the multiple narrow lengths of ash-wood poles which form the roofing structure.

It also has a solid timber, reclaimed scaffold board flooring-base throughout.

In addition to the main oval space, two smaller areas are positioned at the far end curve with adjoining doors.

One is a ‘green room’, an 18′ diameter circular yurt, providing a private space for either family and close friends, or for musicians or other evening entertainers as required.

The other is is a rectangular tent, measuring approximately 16’ x 18’, which serves as a catering space for the wedding reception.

Hilles House Palace Yurt interior

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