For the first time ever at Hilles House we hosted a Yoga Retreat Weekend – this past weekend, presided over by Maya Fiennes, sister in law to my fiancee, Martha.
Maya’s website is I first met Maya 17 years ago Martha and I stayed last year with Maya in Los Angeles where she lives as a super successful yoga doyenne.
Maya combines her own unique fusion of kundalini, prayer, qi gong and music.
While I went to Lisbon to collect my 9 year old son , Sasha for his half term holiday , Martha hosted our 12 guests . Our wonderfully gifted local caterer cook Genevieve Frosch served up her own super delicious vegan-vegetarian dishes.
Sasha and I returned in time for Sunday lunch, the last meal of the weekend – to indulge in a super-alkaline green spinach soup followed by roasted butternut squash doused in a special miso vinaigrette with tangy horseradish.
Martha had kindly asked for a haunch of venison to be braised for my return and I must confess to having been the breaker of the vegan code – but it was worth every mouthful.
We are very excited about the energy Maya’s yoga and practice – and her wonderful followers and guests brought to the house.
We are already booking in for a Spring Retreat as well as a return Autumn Retreat for 2018.